Nova Scotia pharmacists see increased need for safe supplies for people who use substances – Halifax

Brown bag contents
Three harm reduction organizations are working with more than 70 pharmacies across Nova Scotia to meet the rising demand for safe supplies for people who use substances.Those on the front lines of this work say the coronavirus pandemic has led to a steep increase in the need for safe supplies to be distributed to communities provincewide.One way that’s done is through the “brown bag program.”“(The bags) each include 10 clean syringes, 10 alcohol swabs, a tie, some water and a few cookers,” said Ashton Manktelow, an outreach worker with Mainline Needle Exchange. People in need of safe supplies can ask for a ‘brown bag’ at pharmacies across Nova Scotia. Alexa MacLean/Global Halifax Manktelow is one of several outreach workers at Mainline who not only...

‘Tone deaf’ billboard in Etobicoke removed – Toronto

‘Tone deaf’ billboard in Etobicoke removed - Toronto
A billboard featuring two men awkwardly posing with the words, “COVID real estate ninjas at your service,” is gaining attention, but not for the intended purpose of attracting business.Reaction to the advertisement ranges from people describing it as being racist, to tone-deaf and ignorant.“Use of cultural appropriation, or tone-deafness, or ignorance as a form of marketing, there really isn’t any place for it,” said Trevor Lui, who first saw the billboard Friday morning with his daughter.It was located at Royal York Road and Evans Avenue in Etobicoke in between two middle schools. He said he’s most disappointed with the process it would have gone through to be approved. Read more: John Cho writes powerful essay on being Asian-American during coronavirus pandemic Story continues below...

Period poverty increasing during pandemic

Period poverty increasing during pandemic

Last October 10th, the world’s first ever “National Period Day” was declared in the U.S, to raise awareness for period poverty. And it’s being marked again this year. Period poverty, a term many are uncomfortable discussing is more evident now than ever before, due to the pandemic. Global’s Sharmeen Somani sheds light on the issue and tells us why the pandemic is making it worse.

Coronavirus: Quebec gets access to COVID Alert app

Coronavirus: Quebec gets access to COVID Alert app

Quebec Premier François Legault on Monday announced the introduction of the Canadian government’s COVID Alert app in the province, explaining the province has come to the conclusion the app is secure. Legault urged Quebecers to download the app because it will “only really help us if many people choose to activate it.”

All new and in-works N.S. restaurants required to be accessible for all

All new and in-works N.S. restaurants required to be accessible for all

A 2018 human rights inquiry found Nova Scotia failed to enforce requiring restaurants to have accessible washrooms. By the end of this month, all new restaurants, cafes, delis and lunch counters in the province need to be accessible to people with disabilities.

Londoners mourn sudden passing of accessibility advocate Gerry LaHay – London

Londoners mourn sudden passing of accessibility advocate Gerry LaHay - London
In a testament to the mark he left on the community, politicians, friends, and local activists are sharing their grief over the passing of Londoner Gerry LaHay, whose death following a brief battle with a sudden illness was announced Friday morning.LaHay was well-known for his work to improve accessibility in the city and was extremely open and honest about his own struggles and personal experiences as he worked to connect with others and affect positive change. Read more: London petition demands improved sidewalk maintenance in winter “Gerry exceeded my expectations on what a resident can give their community through his kind and firm accessibility advocacy,” wrote Councillor Elizabeth Peloza.“Gerry was a constant source of wit, wisdom, and never hesitated to raise his voice against injustice,” wrote MPP...

New restaurants in Nova Scotia required to be accessible by end of the month – Halifax

New restaurants in Nova Scotia required to be accessible by end of the month - Halifax
By Staff The Canadian Press Posted October 2, 2020 11:28 am Smaller font Descrease article font size -A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Nova Scotia is requiring new restaurants, lunch counters, cafes and delis to be accessible to people with disabilities under rules that take effect at the end of the month.The province says any new restaurant with seating will need to have accessible entrances, pathways and washrooms in order to get a food safety permit.READ MORE: Traditional salmon dinner served to K’jipuktuk community for Treaty DayThe changes will be paired with updated Nova Scotia...

Free 2-hour core-area parking in London, Ont., extended to end of year – London

Free 2-hour core-area parking in London, Ont., extended to end of year - London
A free parking pilot project launched in July and extended to September has been once again extended, this time to the end of the year.The City of London announced Wednesday that free two-hour municipal parking in London’s core will last the rest of 2020. Read more: London, Ont., extends free 2-hour core-area parking until Sept. 30 Motorists are eligible to receive two hours of free parking every day at city-owned parking lots and on-street parking meters in the downtown and Old East Village by using the code ‘B2B20’ on HonkMobile. Since the pilot launched in July, free parking has been accessed over 7,100 times.The initiative is part of ongoing efforts to support local businesses impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the city said in a release. Story continues below...

New dental clinic open on Big River First Nation

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People living on Big River First Nation will now have better access to dental care.In partnership with the University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Dentistry, a new dental clinic opened at the Big River First Nation Health Centre this week. Read more: Star Blanket Cree Nation balances pandemic pressures to open new health services centre “Access to care is a barrier in rural and northern communities all across Saskatchewan. We as a college identified it as one of the problems that we decided to focus on,” USask College of Dentistry inclusive community outreach director Dr. Amrinderbir Singh said.Different services will be offered 10 to 12 days a month, with hours potentially expanding based on demand. Story continues below advertisement A USask dentist, dental assistant and aid...

Halifax construction leaves some intersections ‘impassable’ for wheelchairs and elderly, advocate says – Halifax

mobility concerns
A Halifax wheelchair user says it’s time that the city starts implementing mitigation measures to ensure people with disabilities can still safely access areas of the municipality that are under construction.“There’s a lot of corners on [Robie Street], right now, that are completely impassable for somebody with a disability, somebody who uses a mobility device, somebody’s who’s blind, partially sighted,” April Hubbard said, a disability advocate in Halifax. Read more: Halifax contractor leaves trailer illegally parked in accessible spot for over 12 hours Story continues below advertisement People with mobility challenges say the intersection of North and Robie street in Halifax is impassable due to construction. Alexa...